LuckyRichSoftis a privately-held integrated technology and business consulting organization.
LuckyRichSoft is a strategy consulting division of G64 Group.
The group comprises multiple consulting companies, investment partnerships and global associates worldwide. Headquartered in Mysore, India located next to Bangalore city, the silicon valley of India and Asia. LuckyRichSoft is focused on providing accelerated wealth creation, deep capital access, valuation, technology, grand strategy and exit strategy consulting services to business owners, industrialists, entrepreneurs, military leaders and commanders, politicians, sportsmen and members of the entertainment and gaming industry.

Following are the areas of our core competencies:
➢ Deep Capital Access thru SPVs and offshore structures
➢ 1000x Growth Advisory
➢ Enterprise Value Booster Strategy
➢ Exotic Derivatives, DAOs & Tactical Capital Allocation
➢ Full-Spectrum Threat Management
➢ Grand Strategy
➢ Multihop Exit Strategy
➢ Casino & Gaming Solutions
➢ DeFi, Autonomous and DLT Technologies & Blue Ocean Strategy

We are an emerging global leader in arranging Structured Venture Debt, OFBS Project Finance (Off-the-Balance Sheets Project Finance) and instant Lombard Loans for HNWIs, family offices, companies and organizations primarily based in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Our team has developed world’s most advanced financial signal processors targeting publicly traded financial assets e.g. stocks, bonds, commodities, options , futures and cryptos.


We deliver tailor-made strategy solutions to enterprises, organizations and ultra-high networth individuals globally in the following areas:

Deep Capital Access Strategy

Accelerated Growth Strategy

Exit Strategy with branches

Capital Allocation to Derivatives & DAOs

Grand Strategies

Casino and Gaming

Blue Ocean Strategy leveraging DeFi, DLT and Autonomous Systems

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